Who Wore it Best? 8 “Girls” who dressed as Boys in the American Revolution

Dear Friends, Happy March! What happened to January? And February? It seems like just yesterday, I was celebrating New Year’s Eve, and now March and Women’s History Month is upon us. The publicity surrounding the revival of the musical 1776 this past year made me think about women wearing men’s clothes in the American Revolution.Continue reading “Who Wore it Best? 8 “Girls” who dressed as Boys in the American Revolution”

My goyishe potato pancakes: A Jewish-Christian/Quaker Tale

Dear Friends, Happy holidays!  At our last Book Club of the year, I was chatting with one of my friends. She was talking about the Italian Christmas she grew up with. Christmas Eve for her was a bigger holiday than Christmas itself, with numerous relatives, and the Feast of the Seven Fishes, a multi-course mealContinue reading “My goyishe potato pancakes: A Jewish-Christian/Quaker Tale”

“Welcome”: a short story

Dear Friends,  Last year, Friends Journal decided to do a fiction issue for the first time. This year they decided to do it again, and I’m excited that my story, “Welcome,” is in it. If you have a few moments, please check out my very short, short story.  My story is a fictional account ofContinue reading ““Welcome”: a short story”

Deconstructing the Bonnet

It’s the end of September and I’m back at my desk reading and writing about all sorts of things. Reader, I am no longer in the habit of reading literary essays. It has been years! But I stumbled upon this book on Twitter and just knew I had to read it… First, can we talkContinue reading “Deconstructing the Bonnet”

Anthony Benezet’s Revolutionary Academy for Children

Dear Friends, Happy August! Are you already thinking about back-to-school? I am––when I walk through a pile of dried brown leaves, and their smell brings me back to college orientation (when it was still summer, the leaves just beginning to fall). Or it feels like I’m walking home from second grade, or my kids’ “CurriculumContinue reading “Anthony Benezet’s Revolutionary Academy for Children”

10 Ways I Consumed Books in 2021

Dear Friends, It’s July! Do you have time off? Are you going to the beach? Are you reading more? I have been thinking more about my reading habits––there are always so many books I want to read. 2021 was a big reading year for me; I read a total of 40 books, including some ofContinue reading “10 Ways I Consumed Books in 2021”

A Quaker Day in Darby

Dear Friends, I have been busy! After finishing the seventh (what?) revision of my first novel, I’ve made a goal to query an agent a day this summer. Why not? If I don’t have any luck, I’ll work on my own e-book and audio versions. Meanwhile, my sister and I had a wonderful day lastContinue reading “A Quaker Day in Darby”

A Quaker “Happening” in Darby, PA May 1!

Live in the Philadelphia area? Interested in Quaker, Philadelphia, or library history? I’ll be at Darby Friends Meeting House at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 1, with others celebrating a new federal grant made to the Darby Free Library. Darby Free Library is the oldest library in continuous use in the U.S., founded by DarbyContinue reading “A Quaker “Happening” in Darby, PA May 1!”

Sex and the City: Philadelphia 1777

A confluence of events: the reboot of Sex and the City (SATC) i.e. And Just Like That (AJLT) and a family emergency led me to watch both the reboot and the original SATC this past month. With the attention span of a flea the past few weeks, I dipped into Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte’sContinue reading “Sex and the City: Philadelphia 1777”