“Welcome”: a short story

Dear Friends, 

Last year, Friends Journal decided to do a fiction issue for the first time. This year they decided to do it again, and I’m excited that my story, “Welcome,” is in it. If you have a few moments, please check out my very short, short story. 

My story is a fictional account of a young couple’s journey on the ship Welcome in 1682. My research into my Quaker ancestry inspired me to write both the story, and a longer WIP, working title: A Little Journey. I’ve written a very messy first draft and am planning to spend the winter working on it.

You may recall I retraced my ancestors’ steps by taking a journey to Oxton, Nottinghamshire, UK in 2019 as documented in my blog Why would you ever leave? I then spent some time on the other end of the journey at Darby Meeting where my Quaker ancestors worshipped, after sailing on the Welcome with William Penn in 1682.

Once you’ve read the story you might want to come back here for more information on the Welcome:

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17th Century Hornpipe Music

I hope you enjoy the story as well as the other Quaker fiction! 

Peace, Kate

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