Do you ever wish you lived in a cave with Friends?

“Well, here we are,” Charity says. Ibbie and Ezra stand outside what appears to be a cave. Our home? Are we to live in a cave? Ibbie quickly puts a friendly face back on, but her mind is racing. “How does everything seem to thee?” Charity asks, smiling at Ezra. More white hair falls fromContinue reading “Do you ever wish you lived in a cave with Friends?”

Off to Historical Novel Society North America with a sample book cover!

Dear Friends, I’m excited to be planning my trip to Historical Novel Society North America’s (HNSNA) 2023 Conference in San Antonio next month! I’m planning to pitch my finished novel to a couple of smaller publishers while I’m at the conference and learned I need something called a “pitch sheet.” This sheet will have aContinue reading “Off to Historical Novel Society North America with a sample book cover!”

A Quaker Day in Darby

Dear Friends, I have been busy! After finishing the seventh (what?) revision of my first novel, I’ve made a goal to query an agent a day this summer. Why not? If I don’t have any luck, I’ll work on my own e-book and audio versions. Meanwhile, my sister and I had a wonderful day lastContinue reading “A Quaker Day in Darby”

A Quaker “Happening” in Darby, PA May 1!

Live in the Philadelphia area? Interested in Quaker, Philadelphia, or library history? I’ll be at Darby Friends Meeting House at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 1, with others celebrating a new federal grant made to the Darby Free Library. Darby Free Library is the oldest library in continuous use in the U.S., founded by DarbyContinue reading “A Quaker “Happening” in Darby, PA May 1!”

Why would you ever leave?

Oxton Mr. Brooklyn and I are standing at the bar in a pub in Blidworth Bottoms. We’ve hiked by a field of horses and made our way through a part of the Sherwood Forest. “Can we sit in the dining room?” I ask the bartender. “No. We’re full up,” she returns. Silence.  “Could we orderContinue reading “Why would you ever leave?”